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What is

Where do we begin… 

DINING: We recruited a team of talented chefs to bring you the ultimate dining experience of contemporary gourmet cuisine.  

THE SPACE: We went in search of event stylists who could transform any indoor or outdoor space to elevate the event experience.   ​

ENTERTAINMENT: Of course, there had to be live music, so we scoured the streets for some stellar local talent. Guess what, we found them…and we promise not to disappoint. 

ATTIRE: Everyone is or wants to be on the Glow Up so bring that  COPPER GLOW. Rock your all white threads and accentuate your look with copper.  

SUPPORT: Life with “Aitch” can often times can be challenging, especially if you are new to your diagnosis. The social stigmas are enough to bury you emotionally and leave one questioning what life we will be like after discovering you have “Aitch.” It’s important to us that you’re ok and that you understand your diagnosis is not a death sentence. In an environment that’s safe, we provide resources and information to assure that you feel supported in your journey toward healing, wellness, happiness and self-love.  

SPONSORSHIP & SWAG: Who doesn’t love free stuff. We got swag bags! Our dollars and cents matter! We use a lot of product to manage the

implications of Aitch but because often we remain

hidden corporations are not always inclined to support the consumer who sales drive their bottom line. We are growing our list of sponsors in hopes of giving each guest a ton of free products for wellness maintenance beneficial to Aitch.